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About Us

PRECISION PRESSURE DATA, INC. has been serving the oil and gas industry in the Permian Basin since 1984. We have many years of combined experience in slickline, braided line and pressure data operations and offer a full range of other services.

Specializing in bottom hole reservoir data, we have assisted major and independent producers in designing and acquiring reservoir data for acquisition programs.

We have the capability of setting and releasing mechanical and electronic pressure instruments anywhere in the wellbore, including in the casing, at mid perforations for gathering pressure and temperature data at datum.

Customized computer data presentation consists of accurate plots and tabulations of your reservoir data, including a digital data for incorporation with your analysis programs. We also offer a complete reservoir analysis.

With our equipment and experience, we are a complete slickline service company offering excellent service at a reasonable price.

Please call (432) 580-8200 for a price quote on your future slickline, braided line and pressure data needs.

President Jim Blocker